Reunion with ET in Istanbul

ET with DHD book!

I guess you all have read DHD. There is this character: a Turkish guy that DHD met in a train to Ankara and so on. Yep, that is E.T!

Trinity (co-author of DHD) or DD just recently met ET again in Istanbul! Besides catching up with the latest gossips, she gave him this DHD graphic travelogue. DD translated everything to ET, and ET was overwhelmed!

ET said, “I was surprised how meticulously the events were depicted and how every character gave something to a unique adventure! Good job!” He also praised Sheila Rooswitha’s work and really like to meet our illustrator.

It was a nice reunion, although KK was not there with them. We then shared latest news of our lives since 3 years ago. Hasan (another character in DHD) is still living in Cappadoccia with his big family. ET and Hasan remain friends through Facebook 🙂

What about ET? Unlike the guy that DHD met 3 years ago as depicted in DHD, ET is now having a big buff body with long hair and beard. He even requested to Sheila for the next DHD book to “make a little more muscular”. Yup, he’s been working out in the gym, but doesn’t want to be a body builder again like he was before in USA.

His job? You won’t believe it: he is an actor and TV personality! “My life has changed after we met,” said ET. He is now living in a big 4-storey house overlooking Bosphorus strait. He’s having chicken and quails in his backyard, and a dog called Nia. How popular is ET? Well, when DD and ET were walking in Tema Park, some of the locals approached ET and took pictures together 🙂

We wish you all the best, ET! It was fun to meet the real person behind the scene!


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